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I'm an American living in Germany, working as a foreign language assistant at a secondary school. Future plans: getting my Ph.D. (probably in Germanic Linguistics), becoming a professor, living an ethical and meaningful life.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

More Goodbyes

I'm just about finished with Das Siebte Kreuz. Six more pages to go! Actually, I have finished the main body of the text, which I very much enjoyed. Now I'm working on the afterword. After that, I'll probably take a break from German books-- until I arrive in Germany, at which time I plan to begin Thomas Mann's Buddenbrooks. This will be a long project. It's about 800 pages long, and Mann's Der Tod in Venedig, which had only 110 pages or so, took me over a month to read. The nineteenth-century vocabulary makes it very difficult indeed.

I drove to Ypsi today to return some books that I borrowed from a TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) professor back in April. While I was there I thought I'd check to see whether my favorite German Literature professor (ID) was in her office, since they share the same building. Well, she wasn't in her own office-- but I did catch her emerging from a meeting in the other German prof's office! I had hoped to talk with her about my upcoming teaching assistantship-- ID knows something about Fulbright Teaching Assistantships in Germany, since she was a Fulbright TA in Bielefeld way back in 1990. Besides, she's the person who suggested that I apply to begin with and who guided me through the application process.

Unfortunately, ID was too busy to talk because she's frantically preparing a manuscript for publication. But, she did have time to wish me good luck and give me a goodbye hug. So it wasn't a total loss.

I'll miss ID. Whereas with my little brother I thought, "Who will I rip on now?", with ID I think, "And who's going to pick on me?"

After that I walked over to our campus' main classroom building to say goodbye to my syntax prof. (I looked for my other linguistics profs, too, but they weren't in their offices.) He was also extremely busy, but we chatted briefly. Unfortunately our conversation was repeatedly interrupted by blasts of horrible noise. The noise was supposedly caused by tests of the fire alarm system, but I suspect that they were actually testing those new sound-based weapons that the NYPD are planning to use against people who protest at the Republican National Convention...

Then I drove home and let my pet coyote out of her cage. She acted like she'd just been liberated from the Bastille.


Blogger the more things change said...

hey, i like your new blog! linking things within your text is pretty cool too. now i think my blog sucks! :)

2:56 AM  
Blogger Ada said...

I'm glad you like it! But don't worry-- your blog doesn't suck. You have lots of features that I don't, like a list of links, a hit counter, pictures, etc.

Besides, you actually built yours yourself. I just picked one of the pre-made packages.

3:41 AM  

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