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Thursday, December 16, 2004

An Update at Last

Ok, I´ve been a Very Bad Blogger and haven´t updated in a very long time. Basically, things here got very stressful for a while and I had enough trouble trying to keep my head above water at school, let alone find time to write in my blog. Here´s a brief summary of what`s been going on for the past few weeks.

-Indianer-Woche went better than I thought. I was able to avoid the cheesier parts (the Mutprobe was in gym class, so I had nothing to do with it) and was able to tell some of the students a little about a real Indian (the friend mentioned in the previous entry) and use her as an example that Indians are basically normal people. I think the message sunk in, though I wasn´t able to single-handedly undo all the stupid stereotypes that they heard from their other teachers.

-I had a Thanksgiving Dinner after school with some of my 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. About 20 kids showed up and had a good time cooking and trying the food. The cornbread especially was a big hit, and one of the boys asked for my turkey-breast recipe. They enjoyed themselves and learned something, too, and this earned me brownie points with the Boss.

-The Boss still doesn`t like me and does petty little things like un-inviting me from the school trip to the Dresden Christmas Market (supposedly because of my leg, though it´s actually much better now). But I think she grudgingly accepts that the students benefit from my being here. I do my best to stay out of her way and not let her get to me.

-I can walk without my crutches now, though I still use them occasionally when I´m tired or I have to walk a long way. After two ambulatory surgeries, my ankle is much better, but it still swells up to twice its normal size in the evening. The muscles in my left calf have practically disappeared. My legs look like they belong to two different people.

-I´m going home for the holidays!!!! Depressed by the thought of spending Christmas Eve alone in a bar in Hamburg (I was going to go there to escape my dorf), I agreed to let my parents fly me home for a week. The jet lag will be a bitch, but at least I´ll get to see my family and friends.

I´ll try to update again soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So excited that you're coming home! Yay! :-)


6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm very happy that you will be home for the holidays even though we won't see you. Enjoy your week, play up your hurt leg and let the family wait on you!


7:10 PM  
Blogger christina said...

yay for the update! not only will you suffer from jet lag when you're home...but you'll have to get used to this cold weather too:)

1:43 AM  
Blogger Ada said...

Hi everyone! I´m glad it seems like you´re still checking my blog even though I´ve been so bad about posting--I´ll try to be better about that now.

Kim-- I can´t wait to see you!!!

Judy--It`s too bad that you visited my parents at Thanksgiving instead of Christmas, but at least we`ll be able to talk on the phone. Tell Elyse that she looks really cute in her new glasses!

Christina--Oy, I know... It´s kind of cold here, too, but this part of Germany doesn´t get much snow, so I haven´t had to deal with that yet. I guess I´m spoiled. At least I still have long underwear at home!

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Adrienne:

Granny and I are looking forward to seeing you in Canton. We decided to stay a local motel while there. That way everone can have have their own space and there won't be bags and luggage to walk around. Have a great trip home.


4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're glad you're coming home for the holidays. It wouldn't be the same with you gone. Hopefully the flight will be smooth and your ankle won't give you any trouble.
Lots of love, Mom & Dad

2:50 PM  

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